Congratulations to our company for cooperating with NSFOCUS

      2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". With the new development of digital transformation, smart city construction, and the widespread application of high-tech, the network security industry is facing many new situations, new challenges, and new opportunities.

      At present, cyber security and informatization have become one of the national strategies. Driven by a series of national and industry laws, regulations, policies and standards, the importance of cyber security in all walks of life is increasing year by year.

      Now, with the rapid increase in the social influence of the cyber security brand, Sol Group is also actively participating. The leaders of NSFOC After comprehensive inspection of company background, financial strength, team building, technical support, operating system, auxiliary system and other aspects, combined with industry development, after our company expanded in the field of network security protection, Sol Group and NSFOCUS reached a consensus and became NSFOC Three-star service providers jointly promote the market-oriented operation of network security protection, respond to social and economic development with actions, and achieve a win-win situation. This indicates that our company has more room for development in the network security protection market, and provides high-quality network security products and technical services for thousands of industries.
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